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Top 10 best chatroulette alternatives

The random video chat site saw its image gradually deteriorate as its popularity climbed. Nice and diverse at first, we then evolved to a site offering 99% of men with zizis all hard in the hand ... it's a concept. Are you tired of exhibiting sexual attributes on classic chatroulette? Some sites to direct you to the most delicious conversations, here:


The French chatroulette, in order to meet people. For the rest, everything depends what you mean by the word "encounters" (there you do not see, but we do quotes with the fingers saying "meetings").


The chatroulette simple and without advertisements, with a majority of Europeans. A sleek version of WizzCAM, without these big pigs of Americans.


The main competitor alternative of Chatroulette, which includes all the banned of the latter. You guessed it, sensitive souls, abstain ...


The new chatroulette-like with Facebook login required. We talk about it as the success of the year ...


In the face of the success of Chatroulette, Tinychat, already present on the text format, embarks on the discussion by interposed webcams, and differentiates itself by the organization of "cat-room" themes, which removes for the purists a little charm to the concept .


Facebook extension that allows to discuss by doing something else like watching videos on Youtube. Clearly, you can observe the response of your interlocutor to video chat. Essential.


Faithful reproduction of ChatRoulette, moderation and more (and less bistuettes).


The opportunist site par excellence: "What is working right now? Facebook and ChatRoulette?" We risk in a long time to have a MineTweet or a DrawSomePorn.


A cat system that is not moderate, we say danger. but as there are only a handful of curious people there, no one feels the need to open his fly, and that's good. The little "plus": the search for common interest by keywords.


We leave the subject, but this site allows you to click on the button "Next Cat Video!", And that is a kind of accomplishment in the web.

And you, you have others to advise?